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  1. Nira
    Jan 01,  · Listen to your favorite songs from Rest by The Dreadful Yawns Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now. Reply
  2. Telmaran
    Nov 02,  · We should stop abusing the voice and give it - and yourself - plenty of rest until it feels normal again - drink water and inhale the steam from a cup of camomile tea. It's simple if the voice is gone - if it can still be forced to sound don't do it - you may develop vocal nodules, which may need surgery - or will put you out of business for a time - and may reoccur with repeated strain. Reply
  3. Faekinos
    I have had very bad sore throats that have caused to me to lose my voice for a couple of days. Velvetinenut () “Great Answer” (0) Flag as ¶ Lay upside down and make yourself cough until you actually begin to cough. Reply
  4. Kezahn
    I can’t say enough about Tricia’s influence on my singing. To me she’s my vocal ‘guardian angel!’ I’ve been singing for more than 40 years and always struggled with the transition over the break in my voice, a thin falsetto and straining in my chest voice. I had also lost a lot of my confidence, which gave me a constant case of nerves. Reply
  5. Vihn
    A "lost voice," or laryngitis, is caused by inflammation or irritation of the voice box. As the vocal cords get inflamed, they swell, causing hoarseness, leading to the symptom of a lost voice. Reply
  6. Mizil
    Apr 02,  · You may experience hoarseness or lose your voice (get laryngitis) when the tissue covering your vocal cords becomes inflamed or swollen. In another scenario with long-term, heavy voice use, callus-like growths, known as nodules can form on the vocal cords and cause hoarseness. When this happens, your vocal cords don’t vibrate as easily. Reply
  7. Nekus
    May 23,  · From "It's My Culture" "My Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading Close. This video is unavailable. "Lost My Voice" - Trevor Noah - (It's My Culture) Trevor Noah. Reply
  8. Sharr
    Mar 14,  · I lost my voice 3days from ago.. and until now, I still don’t have my voice.. I’m a call center agent and I’ve been talking for 8hrs a day.. My doctor prescribed me some meds like corticosteroids, antibiotics, and anti-histamine.. also gargling . Reply

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