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  1. Voodookora
    Dec 10,  · 1. Remove the cassette, clean the heads, wind the tape on a little & see what result you get. 2. Eject the cassette tray & then close it again & play see what you get. Reply
  2. Voodooran
    Aug 06,  · That means an attachment not just to a record but to a specific record, which hiccups in a specific place and has a specific rip on its sleeve; not just to a song but to the cassette on which it. Reply
  3. Nelrajas
    That's not ideal, as microphone inputs have a high gain. A LINE input to the cassette recorded would be better if it has one. Check that the bias setting of the cassette recorder matches that of the tape. If it doesn't have a control, then it was probably only designed to work with ferric oxide tapes, not . Reply
  4. Dugal
    Feb 25,  · We don't listen to vinyl and cassettes because they have a higher bit-rate than digital music, they certainly do not. The music industry has figured out that dead media formats are not . Reply
  5. Dairan
    Early cassette label run by The Grey Wolves. The name stood for "Zeal Severe Systems." Some catalog numbers have zeros typed in letter "o" but are presented here consistently. Missing releases: zss ESP Kinetic - "The Message Is No Message" C60 zss "Der Verboten / . Reply
  6. Meziran
    If you record a sound on a blank music cassette tape but you find that what you've recorded is at a very quiet or completely silent volume, would turning up the volume on your record and tape player make the sound of what you've recorded louder? R. Reply
  7. Dunris
    How to Eliminate Echoes When Recording Sound in a Big Empty Room Shares; but wait until you realize that you'll have to eventually record sound in a room full of echoes, which is especially challenging when dialogue is involved. While ADR and post-production software can help avoid or (kind of) fix this issue, you might want to know a few. Reply
  8. Kajilrajas
    Dec 03,  · It depends on the type of the cassette deck. In some, the cassette would go in the exposed tape facing up, in some the tape would be facing down. To use the side “A” or “1”, whichever it's labeled on the cassette as, place it in the deck so that the side in question is towards you. 74 views. Reply

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