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  1. Kilabar
    If you want to get better, JUST DO IT. Make super shitty music. Do it as long as you can before getting fed up, then take a break and do it again. Keep doing it and keep learning every time you do it. Watch videos, take classes, implement strategies you learn on your next session. Keep fucking going. Reply
  2. Kek
    Cassettes are starting from a limitation in the way magnetism interacts with a metallic coated tape. Digital uses the fact that your ears fill in the gaps, in the. Reply
  3. Kazrakasa
    You just do it at the time. You don't theorize about it. You just do it. In the fullness of time you can analyze why. GG: I went back up to Sheffield to take pictures of Joe Jackson for Sounds or NME and met Martin who told me the League was splitting. He said do you fancy forming another band and two days later I was living back up North. Reply
  4. Nile
    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Hot Mix Radio 17 on Discogs. Reply
  5. Shaktishakar
    Apr 23,  · Well, she was just 17 You know what I mean And the way she looked was way beyond compare So how could I dance with another (Ooh) When I . Reply
  6. Kazrakora
    The upper frequency limit of a standard audio cassette is around kHz, depending on the material. Higher bandwidth can be achieved with higher tape speeds. Studio devices are using 19 or 38 cm/s instead of the cm/s of the compact casset. Reply
  7. Dujar
    Jul 22,  · So dem same cassette a now, mi start buy dem. When mi start buy dem a now mi start notice a difference inna di sound. Some have better sound quality in terms of highs, mids and dem ting deh. I buy from various cassette vendor and di one with the best quality to me now was Jack Sowa so mi find di location fi get wah mi need and everything did up. Reply
  8. Mazuran
    Oct 25,  · “Record as hot as you can without clipping” has been ingrained in my mixing since the days I recorded with my Fostex Model 80 reel-to-reel. That explains a lot about my hot mix issues today in the digital world! After reading this, I will no longer be afraid to back off the input gain ever again! Thanks for an awesome tip! Reply

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