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  1. Malarr
    In addition to breaking down a complex problem and solving in parallel on different machines, the computational framework also, importantly, consolidates results and computes an accurate solution. Reply
  2. Mikar
    Synonyms for breaking it down include simplifying, clarifying, elucidating, explaining, interpreting, construing, demonstrating, demystifying, explicating and. Reply
  3. Tygosho
    1. verb Of a machine, to malfunction or break altogether. I'm afraid the blender is breaking down. It stopped working again today. She didn't come to the party because her car broke down on the way here. Reply
  4. Shazil
    breaking down. [ breyk ] SEE DEFINITION OF breaking down. as in decaying. as in severance. as in division. as in inculcate. as in indoctrinate. as in misfire. Reply
  5. Akinojind
    breakin it down is when you just don't give a shit what other people think of you in your actions. Express yourself in the most personal sense of expression=!! yo me and my boyz break it down after smoking a bowl on a friday night!! by johhny cage April 25, Reply
  6. Neshicage
    Jan 23,  · Break It Down: Turning Goals into Everyday Teaching Opportunities Download the video [MP4, 73MB] Download the transcript Use these methods to break down a learning goal into smaller steps. Breaking down a goal into easier objectives helps a child to make steady progress in mastering a . Reply
  7. JoJok
    Synonyms for break it down include simplify, clarify, elucidate, explain, interpret, construe, demonstrate, demystify, explicate and expound. Find more similar words. Reply
  8. Talrajas
    Break It Down 28 Days Understanding God’s Word and how it applies to your life A middle school devotional designed to complement the teaching series, “Break It Down” by Orange Students. In this devotional, you’ll find encouragement to study the Bible, guidance on how to understand God’s Word, and wisdom on how it applies to your life. Reply

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