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  1. Muramar
    This isn’t the first time: Before Cargo Cult Six Sigma, we had Cargo Cult SQC, zero defects (which was almost itself Cargo Cult management,) quality circles, and so on. The problem appears to be inherent in business management culture. I discuss the solution (i.e., getting rid of management) in my book The End of Management (Atlantis Pub. Reply
  2. Tehn
    May 03,  · In the South Seas there is a cargo cult of people. During the war they saw airplanes with lots of good materials, and they want the same thing to happen now. So they've arranged to make things like runways, to put fires along the sides of the runways, to make a wooden hut for a man to sit in, with t. Reply
  3. Kazirn
    Apr 07,  · The idea of cargo cult is a good one. There’s plenty of that but I wouldn’t get a cargo cult mixed with someone exploring “exotic” notions. Before we launch a probe to mars, we spend countless hours building virtual scenarios to better understand what challenges may lay ahead. Yes, fake, shallow visualizations can frustrate. Reply
  4. Arajinn
    Jun 10,  · Cargo Cult divides seven songs over two sides of gray and yellow marble vinyl. The other slab of vinyl contains songs from the Texas Biscuit Bombs, a live band that Biscuit toured with right up until the end. It's a package well worth getting your hands on both musically and as a lesson in how to release a fantastic looking artifact. Reply
  5. Dougami
    Tomas Ulrich - Rolf Sturm - Michael Bisio: Cargo Cult* Tomas Ulrich - Rolf Sturm - Michael Bisio: Cargo Cult* - Lonely House (Covers) ‎ (CD, Album) CIMP. Reply
  6. Zusho
    In , Mr. Ulrich released his first CD as a leader. Cargo Cult (with Rolf Sturm-electric and acoustic guitars and Michael Bisio-acoustic bass) released their first CD "If You Should Go" on the Cadence label to great critical acclaim. Reply
  7. Nikosho
    Tom Rainey's trio opus Pool School (Clean Feed ) puts a different spin on small group free improvisation. Mr. Rainey's drums, Ms. Halvorson's electric guitar and Ms. Laubrock's tenor and soprano leave plenty of space for each other. Reply
  8. Meztira
    As Tomas Ulrich on cello, Rolf Sturm on electric and acoustic guitars and Michael Bisio on bass trade leading musical lines, so do they each reflect how they feel in response to one another in statements that are as diverse as their instruments can sound. Perhaps the title of the album itself lends a blue note to the sense of the session. Reply
  9. Brazuru
    Jan 20,  · Cargo Cult Lyrics: I know of the sorcerers who summon the jets / From the jungles of New Guinea / They survey the skies coveting the money / That . Reply

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