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  1. Masida
    It probably took me about 53 seconds to know that I was going to hate Street Trash. I know it's not a Troma film but it is, isn't it. In all but studio credit. It's the same over-stupid, over-vulgar, unfunny, badly acted, aggressively trashy and ugly tripe that I have avoided from that lot since my late teens. Reply
  2. Momi
    Mad Brother Ward & the Screaming Street Trash existed for only two short years, releasing two highly acclaimed 7-inch EP's and appearing on the TPOS Tenth Anniversary Destroy All Mediocrity compilation. Also featured is an unreleased bonus track. Reply
  3. Nikotilar
    Street Trash is a horror/splatter movie written by Roy Frumkes and directed by James Muro. Neither are well known for anything else, although Muro's steadicam work in this movie was so impressive that he later found regular work as a Hollywood camera operator. The plot, loosely defined in this context, follows two young homeless brothers, Fred and Kevin, who live in a junkyard ruled by. Reply
  4. Mojar
    12 - Mad Brother Ward & The Screamin' Street Trash - Hated 13 - Marky Ramone & The Speed Kings - Teenage Rock 'n' Roll Suicide 14 - Smut Peddlers - Chino 15 - CCCR - Bag Of Snakes 16 - The Black Halos - Three Sheets To The Wind 17 - The Meatmen - True Grit 18 - The Cheats - Cheap Pills 19 - Black President - Neon 20 - Midnight - Rip This Hell. Reply
  5. Vogor
    MAD BROTHER WARD & THE SCREAMING STREET TRASH "Am I Cool or What?" BSR 7" $ Charlotte NC's worst (and Jeff Clayton's good buddies) slam home with 6 tracks of shitkickin' punk. (BALONEY SHRAPNEL) MAD BROTHER WARD AND THE SCREAMIN' STREET TRASH "Hated By All" TPOSMB 7" $ Antiseen side project trash-o-rama. Reply
  6. Shaktirn
    Resurrecting Mad Brother Ward would prove to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Putting together a new band was a bit daunting. Joe suggested we continue to use the Mad Brother Ward goemorconamylobalbertcompgilcigu.coinfo wasn't going to be a revival of the Screaming Street Trash, though. Reply
  7. Vule
    Street Trash is a American black comedy body horror film directed by J. Michael Muro (credited as Jim Muro). It won the Silver Raven at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy goemorconamylobalbertcompgilcigu.coinfo film has acquired a status as a cult classic independent horror-comedy . Reply
  8. Yozshukree
    Trash, a young-adult novel by Andy Mulligan, takes place in the Philippines, one of the places where the author spent time as a volunteer English teacher. He saw first-hand the harsh reality. Reply

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