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  1. Dakora
    CHELSEA MILLING COMPANY W. North Street P.O. Box Chelsea, Michigan Click here for directions» (fax). Reply
  2. Voodoozshura
    A very short amount of time. Used in the phrase "in a jiffy," meaning immediately, very quickly, or at once. Just call us on this number if you have any problems, and we'll be back in a jiffy. Don't worry, boss, I'll have this report typed up in a jiffy! Reply
  3. Viramar
    Aug 05,  · Katrina Kaif to Alia Bhatt, Kriti Sanon: 3 Times celebrities showed us how to style frizzy hair in a jiffy. If you do not know how to deal with your frizzy mane, let Katrina Kaif, Alia Bhatt and. Reply
  4. Digar
    Standard Leash with traffic handle - 1/2 inch. from Long Line 15ft - 3/4 inch. Reply
  5. Kaktilar
    Aug 06,  · If you say that you will do something in a jiffy, you mean that you will do it very quickly or very soon. Reply
  6. Tugor
    1 ‘I'll be back in a jiffy’ SYNONYMS very soon, soon, in a second, in a minute, in a moment, in a trice, in a flash, shortly, directly, any second, any minute, any minute now, in a short time, in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, in no time at all, in less than no time, before you know it, before long. Reply
  7. Sami
    Idiom: in a jiffy. quickly; very soon; Example sentences. I’m late for a party so could you wrap that gift in a jiffy? “Excuse me, waiter! You forgot to bring a spoon.” “I’m sorry. I’ll bring one in a jiffy.” I'm just calling to say we're on our way and will be there in a jiffy. We'll have your sandwich ready in a jiffy. I love. Reply
  8. Zolokasa
    Synonyms for in a jiffy include in a moment, very soon, any minute, in a trice, momentarily, shortly, any minute now, before long, in a flash and in a minute. Find more similar words at goemorconamylobalbertcompgilcigu.coinfo! Reply

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