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  1. Tukus
    May 13,  · Parkinson’s law is an observation that we unnecessarily complicate things. It’s not voodoo magic — giving yourself one day to write a . Reply
  2. Dunris
    Sep 08,  · Parkinson’s law Cyril Northcott Parkinson once wrote jokingly that “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. This idea has really taken off in the productivity blogosphere and I think the spirit of the idea works particularly well for scientists. The implication of Parkinson’s law is that it’s hackable. Reply
  3. Kagalrajas
    More than that, Parkinson comes up with the brilliantly insightful Law of Triviality. “The time spent on any item of the agenda will be in inverse proportion to the sum [of money] involved.” Parkinson puts this law into dramatic form. Imagine a meeting Chairman: We come now to item nine. Our treasurer, Mr. McPhail, will report. Reply
  4. Fauzahn
    Quite simply. Parkinson’s law states that once a large organization, with a lot of bureaucracy, completes its grandiose, distinct, “perfect” headquarters building, that organization has reached its peak in its dominance over its competitors. And, there is no single more pertinent example of Parkinson’s law than the DoD’s Pentagon. Reply
  5. Taktilar
    Oct 19,  · Parkinson’s Law can be tested empirically. If for the same task, two different deadlines are given (a week and a month, for example), it is very likely that the completion, in both cases, will be pushed until the very last days of the deadline. If only a shorter period is established, the work will be resolved within that period. Another example. Reply
  6. Mazujind
    Parkinson’s law is the adage that “work expands so as to fill the time which is available for its completion”, which signifies that the more time we dedicate in advance to a certain task, the longer it will take to complete it, even if it could have been completed in a shorter period of time.. For example, according to Parkinson’s law, if someone is given a week to complete a task. Reply
  7. Molkis
    In recent years Lescalleet's work has done much to explore the theme of loss and decay as sound - Another Example Of Parkinson's Law (), Ineinandergreifen and Untitled (from Mattresslessness) () and The Pilgrim () all hold the concept of senescence at heart. Much To My Demise carries the motif of decomposition further still. Reply
  8. Shaktigar
    The above, Parkinson's law, and many corollaries, examples, and observed "proofs" of the law, are the topics addressed in this book by the originator of the law, C. Northcote Parkinson. Parkinson was a British Naval historian, who published his original version of this book as a much briefer essay in The Economist.4/5. Reply

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