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  1. Sagami
    Sep 22,  · There is one odd correlation, the more male sons a woman has the more likely one is gay(so say the 4th male child has the highest chance while 3 girls and 1 boy is a normal chance. This kind of hints at some type of damage to the mother. Reply
  2. Talar
    Jul 15,  · Best Funny Fart Pranks - Farting In Car - Try Not to Laugh or Grin While Watching This!!! Capybara Farting in Mud-bath - Duration: Top 50 Best Viral Videos Of The Month So Far. Reply
  3. Kir
    Feb 06,  · A real “Dutch door” is like a stable door, one that is horizontally divided so that the bottom half can stay shut while the top half is open. The sexual use is more droll than deprecatory, though that element may be present. DUTCH DRINK: To empty a glass in one gulp. See also *DUTCHMAN’S DRAUGHT. DUTCH DUMPLINGS: Buttocks. A homosexual. Reply
  4. Bat
    Oct 20,  · So for me it's like I never knew how to ride a bike. It's hard to learn if never taught. So, since for lots of us, it's easy to ride a bike, something we do instinctively, just like walking. Thing is, if you never learned, it is very tough. So my question is how do people use their mouse and keyboard. I mean really think what you are doing. Reply
  5. Voodoorisar
    When you take a dump in a toilet that already has a dump in it. Reply
  6. JoJole
    Detroit news, weather, sports, and traffic serving all of southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit. Watch breaking news live or see the latest videos from programs like The Nine, Let it Rip, and FOX 2. Reply
  7. Yomuro
    A fart that is released by someone who is sick and has diarrhea. Whomever lets a mud fart will be delighted to find a creamy thick liquid that is somewhat similar to warm mud. Reply
  8. Nikosar
    May 24,  · More likely they thought it would cure them of illness and so forth. In some cases, maybe it did. Hot mud probably worked for muscle aches at any rate. pleonasm July 28, There is nothing more relaxing than having a mud bath. It really makes me feel like an elephant or something, bathing in mud, but it always feels really nice, and makes. Reply

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