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  1. Zulujas
    Jan 26,  · If you suspect your water pump is the culprit for the noise in your car, try to locate the water pump on the engine. if you can see the casting of the water pump, you can pinpoint the noise by holding the end of a long screwdriver against the casting and putting the other end of the screwdriver against your ear; if the bearing is bad you will. Reply
  2. Gulmaran
    If you hear a constant whining noise, accompanied by a slip in the gears as the transmission automatically shifts, it points to low transmission fluids. Without the proper fluid level, the pump has to push air through the transmission, which causes the noise and produces the hesitation or slippage. Any leaks on the ground will confirm a loss of. Reply
  3. Gujin
    Sep 23,  · The signal-to-noise ratio is important on any hi-fi component. Fortunately, it is a spec that CD players have always excelled at. As a reference, a cassette deck without Dolby NR has a relatively low (and noisy) S/N ratio of about 55dB. With Dolby B and C, typical figures are 65 and 75dB respectively. Reply
  4. Yozshubar
    My model has a nvme SSD which has no moving parts and would not be making noise, I doubt it is related to the electrical of the SSD as it is located more towards the center of the chassis. I highly doubt it is the fan considering the location of the noise as well as how it sounds. The noise of the fan is very distinguishable and different. Reply
  5. Kami
    noise and vibration testing is to devel-op effective ways to eliminate power take-off (PTO) gear rattle, with spe-cific emphasis on PTO products. The type of sound of largest concern in this industry is tonal. Tonal noise can be described as a distinct frequency or range of noise characterized as irri-tating, annoying and enduring. The. Reply
  6. Tojabei
    Jul 01,  · My Yamaha RX-V receiver shuts itself off when I have it at somewhat high volume ( to dB depending on sound mode) and there is a sudden loud noise in a movie (like an explosion or gunshot). I have Onkyo SKW HT speaker set (powered sub) but I don't have the back 2 speakers hooked up (so it's only setup). Reply
  7. Voodoolar
    Mar 01,  · If the noise is a popping sound that occurs 2 or 3 times a second, you probably have a loose or bad plug wire. First, make sure that all plug wires are seated properly. If this doesnt do the trick, you may have a bad plug wire. Usually this occurs due to a pinhole in the insulation of the wire. Whenever the plug wire is energized, an arc jumps. Reply
  8. Digar
    Aug 07,  · Thank you for your quick reply. The noise is on while the car is driving as well, same high pitched noise as it is when it's off. So it's no doubt the car. I drove over 50 miles with the noise, so I know it's not the location either. The noise seems to be coming from the left of the steering wheel, maybe a bit down. Reply

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